Al Martinez

Partner Success

A new addition to the team, Al Martinez comes to us as a seasoned veteran of thirty-one years in the world of sales, customer service, and management based here in Fresno Ca. He’d be the first to say that his ride to end up here was filled with everything from wearing a gorilla suit on a busy intersection for parking lot sales early on in his career, to managing a multimillion-dollar distribution wholesale center without giving up that personal touch to his customers, it was all for the benefit of his clients. He truly loves helping his customers. His partners. Helping you. It’s that genuine characteristic that Al brings to the forefront, a real yearning to serve.

He is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things geeky. From Atari 2600 gaming, anything Star Wars, comic books, or regurgitating obscure 80’s movies quotes, he’s been there, done that, and has all the street creds. He’s also a percussionist (read: noisy) and can be spotted every so often here in Fresno, sitting in with some of the best bands in town.

Al would also say, without missing a beat, that all of the above wouldn’t be anything without his family around him to ground him and keep him centered.

Also, burritos. He LOVES burritos.

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