Frequently Asked Questions

A: Not overseas, that’s for sure. In fact, not even Canada. Most of our techs are in California, and they’re always in the U.S.

A: We are currently focused on quality over quantity, so we keep our high-quality support team focused on the hours of 8am to 5pm, in your local time zone, in the contiguous U.S. 

A: We don’t reveal the size of our team, because a.) it’s continually growing and b.) we wouldn’t want you to feel like a number or a “cog in our machine.” Besides your account rep and onboarding team, we only want you to be concerned with 3 people – and that’s the three Help Desk Techs assigned specifically to your account, who you and your users will come to know on a first name basis. 

A: Currently we integrate directly with ConnectWise, AutoTask, and Kaseya BMS.  If you’re a partner with over 1000 seats, and you’re not on one of those, we can work directly inside your PSA.

A: We’ll track tickets and provide you regular reports. 

A: No. For security reasons, RMM providers do not provide the kind of API access that would grant us access to the remote tools RMM provides. So there is not really a way to “integrate” with an RMM. Additionally, there are certain things in your RMM that just aren’t appropriate for a Help Desk Technician to have, such as automations, scripting, updates scheduling, and other NOC level functions. We’ll initiate remote control sessions using Splashtop.

A: If you are on our fractional model for MSP’s under 1000 seats, then no. We’ll create unique Splashtop packages for each of your client sites and have you install that unique unattended edition of Splashtop on each one of your supported workstations. This will help us keep count of the total number of supported workstations and give your techs fewer panes of glass to work out of.

A: Ugh… FINE! But seriously, we’re only going to use it to facilitate specific fixes for end users anyway, like scripts or other quick deployments you might have developed to solve common problems. Really, we’re just going to default to our Splashtop rollout for remote control 99% of the time. Using your RMM to do that really slows things down for us. It doesn’t do that to you, because you’re in it all the time. We aren’t.

A:We’ll have you install a light-weight agent that takes the pulse of each supported computer system and reports back to us. If the agent isn’t on the workstation it isn’t supported until we put the agent on. Of course, we aren’t heartless if the agent is missing. We’ll still serve the end user and get the agent on the computer on the fly.

A: We will make good use of your documentation, however complete or incomplete it may be. We contribute to your knowledge base ourselves as well. 

A: If you use IT Glue, we’ll integrate. If you use Hudu we’ll ask for a user license into your documentation. If you use something else, we’ll keep documentation in our IT Glue. 

A: Our pricing is forward-facing on our website at – it currently starts at $17 per user and pricing goes down with volume. 

A: Our minimum is only 100 supported users, and you purchase in blocks of 50 supported users. So if you have 110 users we’d be supporting, you’d be looking at purchasing support for 150 users. 

A: In short, no. But we will require whole sites at a time. You wouldn’t assign us one user from one site, another from another site, etc. 

A: It usually takes 30 to 45 days to complete the onboarding process. We’ll get all of your integrations done and your partner assets created, as well as personal introductions to your support team completed during that time. You’ll be assigned a Partner Support Specialist to keep the process moving forward, as well as an Onboarding Engineer to help with integrations. Your Specialist will step you through things all along the way. 

A: Normally, yes – it’s currently $4,501.00. You can split that up into as many as 6 payments though. Also, we’ve been known to run Show Specials that put credit on your account and tend to cover a large portion of onboarding. If you run into one of these deals – take the deal. 

A: You have 3 months from signing up to cancel with no further obligation if you want. After that, you’ll finish out a 1 year term. It continues month-to-month after that, or you can lock in more favorable pricing 1 to 3 years at a time from there. 

A: Zero-friction. You’ll be able cancel for any reason in the first 3 months after signing up, no further obligation.