Help Desk Techs
for MSP's.

Our Techs Are Amazing

We know the challenges that MSP’s like you face. And we know you need a reliable Level 1 help desk that can fix your end user problems, and do as much as possible without escalating and interrupting you.

As a veteran MSP we know the expectations your end users have. Some of them are completely outrageous. We’re ready for those expectations no matter how reasonable or otherwise.

We are looking for Partners to use our service instead of hiring Level 1 techs. We provide excellent techs, and in exchange, you provide brutally honest feedback. Keep scrolling for more information.

How it works.

Your support calls and emails come to us.
We act as you.

We Will Not Ever Compete with You

Our MSP’s service area is Fresno, California. We will not solicit MSP business outside of Fresno County, and we will not make this offering available to Fresno County MSP’s. Additionally, our Terms and Conditions contain a non-compete clause, and we will never solicit your customers, period.

We Act as Though We Were Your Staff

You’ve spent time building your reputation. We are completely white-labeled and act as though we were on your staff. When a client asks, “Are you on staff or in a call center?” We say, “We’re on staff.” We do not pierce the veil. Support emails come from your domain. Phone calls come with your name on the caller ID.

Our Goal: Avoid Escalations

Our Help Desk is very versatile, and has been exposed to multiple complex scenarios over years of experience. The goal is to avoid escalating to you and your higher level techs, but if we do, we refer to you by name, and get your input before sending it over.

Base Our Access on Your Comfort Level

Plenty of problems require zero access to your customer’s servers and routers, but sometimes you just need access to finish the job. If you’d rather we escalate to you for that kind of issue, we’ll do that. If you want us to have access, that’s great too.

Yes, We'll Troubleshoot Printers

Everyone hates printers, but we’ll do those too. We’ll even work with your client’s managed print vendor.

What About Pricing?

Pricing is simple, and scalable. You can find it here. We do not charge you for the first 30 days, which is considered “onboarding.” Your Partner Representative will discuss the particulars, minimums, and terms, but of course you have no obligation to continue on with us after your initial discussion with your Partner Representative.

Here's What
will be Saying

Want to talk to our CEO face-to-face before applying? Book some time on his calendar here.