J. Colin Petersen

President and CEO

Like so many of us in the I.T. services world, J. Colin Petersen started as a weekend warrior, working out of his garage (sound familiar?), evenings, by referral, as a side business to his regular gig as a bilingual tutor for Fresno Unified School District in Central California.

After spending the next 25 years building a successful MSP, he formed HelpDesk.tech from his knowledge of what a Managed Service provider really needs in an outsourced, white label help desk. He has been successful recruiting, training, and retaining top talent that enjoys front line support, and now he is making that available to MSPs worldwide.

He enjoys his own craft-roasted coffee in the morning, whiskey in the evening, the jazz greats, a good fairy tale, Christmas, convincing his wife to travel with him, and watching his sons turn into productive citizens.

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